Rishika Singh faces nude controversy

Rishika SinghMuch has been talked and written about Rishika Singh's poster, which shows her without clothes, where her body is being covered by dry mud. But little less we know that the actress has not gone nude rather it is made like the actress showing her body sans clothes for the forthcoming Kannada movie Yaaradre Nanagenu.

Dismayed by the unexpected development, Rishika Singh explains that the scene arrives when the baddies bury her alive in a desert. But her fight-back attitude makes her to come out from the grave. In the sequence, Rishika has worn a bodysuit in order to give an impression that she is naked in the scene.

The daughter of Rajendra Singh Babu shots back at the those, who criticised her for displaying her body, by saying that their comments are not valid because the curves or the outline of a woman's figure can be explained even when she is wrapped up in full saree. She further adds that they were mum when she sported a bikini in her last movie.

However, Rishika Singh concludes that she has done the scene to give a realistic touch and her family is fine with it. Yaaradre Nanagenu is directed by SK Basheed. The movie also stars sex bomb Mallika Sherawat, who made her debut in Kannada with Prem's Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide, and Nisha Kothari of Raaj fame.

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