Catherine Zeta Jones is shy, quiet and insecure

Catherine Zeta JonesCatherine Zeta Jones insists she is conscious of her looks and often insecure, but she still has the passion to start the second phase of her career.

The Hollywood beauty, who made her Broadway stage debut last week, believes that people misunderstand her as die-hard ambitious.

“The biggest misconception of me is that I’m some diehard, ambitious, do-anything to get anything kind of person”, said the Hollywood actress.

She added: “I’m not. I’m very shy socially. Michael and i are home bodies but i have a work ethic.

“But there is a much shyer quality to me that people don’t usually see. I get perceived sometimes as: ‘ta da! here comes the showgirl!’ in fact, I have many insecurities. I’m a lot more reserved and quiet than I let on to be.

“Well, I know I’m not Quasimodo but as far as I’m concerned, you know, I think I’m not aesthetically beautiful. I have a broken nose here. I had a tracheotomy when I was a kid. I had broken capillaries. I always ask my husband, do I look fat in this dress? Can you see that spot on my face?”

Zeta Jones is also comfortable shedding her glamorous image and playing the role of a mother in her Broadway show.

She said: “I think it’s just a natural progression. That’s a gradual thing for me because I’m too old to play the inge├Čnue. I’m going to play more mums than sex symbols.”

The ‘Mask Of Zorro’ actress further asserted that she has been a strong person throughout her life.

She concluded: "I’m strong because in many ways I have to be. I left home at 15 and if I was going to survive and pursue the life that I wanted to, I had to be strong. I’ve never been the broken-winged victim and it infuriates me when I see people playing that role in life.

“I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve had the balls to pack up and keep moving. I’ve always thought at the back of my mind that I have to have the confidence to make the leap, even if I fail, so that when I’m an old woman I can always say, well, I gave it my best shot.”

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